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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Creativity and the Spreadsheet

On first thought you might think that creativity and spreadsheets don't go together. Creativity is a dreamy, artistic pursuit, and spreadsheets seem like fun stuff for accountants and scientists.

On the other hand I use a spreadsheet to record notes and references for my writing projects, for blog post schedules, for cataloging images for potential Pinterest posts, and for a journal to record all my creative activities. 

I prefer the spreadsheet to a word processing table. Over the years I've gotten used to the functions and it makes it easy for me to organize things. I can sort, hide columns, and search easily. The multiple sheets within a workbook make it easy to keep years or other date periods separate.

Of course, there are programs such as One Note, or Evernote, and I'm sure there are many open-source programs that have similar capabilities. But if you're already familiar with its operations, the humble spreadsheet is perfect.

Whatever you use, keeping track of your creative pursuits helps you focus on where to go next.

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