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Friday, November 7, 2014

Respecting Children's Ideas

"Teachers who respect children's ideas help them learn to think and solve problems for themselves. Children who feel free to make mistakes and to explore and experiment will also feel free to invent, create, and find new ways to do things."

So says Mary Ann Kohl in her article "Fostering Creativity" which I came across on the Early Childhood News website.

Some years back I became a Visiting Artist at a local grade school. I was paid by a non-profit parent's group to come up with an art curriculum and teach it to first and third grades. Why? Because the school district cut "extras" like art and music claiming there was no money in the budget for things that weren't important.

I wish I could say this is no longer happening, but I can't. The mindset that art doesn't matter as much as other subjects is still out there and it needs to change.

Mary has some good ideas in her article on how teachers and parents can foster creativity. To see Mary's entire article, click here.

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