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Thursday, July 31, 2014

You Need to Connect to Create

Creativity doesn't happen in a vacuum. Creativity depends on creating links between different things to come up with an entirely new thing. As an example, a car once was referred to as a "horseless carriage" because someone thought to add an engine to a horse cart.

To dream up some ideas, you need to have as many varied experiences as possible, but how can you do that when you have to work and raise a family? Well it may take some creative scheduling but it can be done.

Beginning with your hobbies and interests, and search for the following:

1. Classes. Even if you are pretty good at painting, writing, woodworking, etc. take more advanced classes where you may learn some new techniques.

2. Associations. Look for an group with a focus in your area. Meet with people with similar interests and see what they are doing. You might be inspired to take your hobby in a completely different direction.

3. Events. Whether yearly or more often, events within your area of interest bring in demonstrators, speakers and visitors that may be just the people you are looking for to spark something new.

Now that you've explored areas within your interest, look for classes, associations, and events in a completely different area of interest. If you are a singer, try horse riding. If you are a woodworker, try embroidery. (And don't think of interests in terms of men's activities or women's activities. Creativity is an equal opportunity pursuit.)

The Internet makes it really easy to find all of this information, so there's no excuse not to do this. As in, do it now!

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