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Monday, September 9, 2013

Colliding Slow Hunches and Connectivity for your Best Creative Ideas

I read a lot of creativity texts. Some are easy to read, some seem more like a thesis. I also forage for old books on creativity (there's some really fascinating reads from the 1950s) and I cruise Amazon to find the latest editions.

One of my favorite authors, as far as getting ideas, is Steven Johnson and his book "Where Good Ideas Come From." He debunks some myths as well as presents some common-sense theories, and illustrates them with interesting stories.

I didn't know he was on YouTube, but if you like your information in bite-size video pieces, try this link:

He explains and illustrates one of the biggest creativity myths in which ideas come in those great "eureka" moments. Not so. Ideas need time to germinate and sometimes that takes years.

He puts forth the idea that ideas are "slow hunches" and that they may need to collide with another "slow hunch", either your own or someone else's, before they coalesce into a great idea.

Finally, on the possibility that the Internet is killing creativity, he says that's not the case. Instead, having access to the Internet is connecting us with people or sites with that missing piece of information you need to collide with your own slow hunch.

The next time someone complains to you that you are wasting too much time surfing the Internet, you might tell them that you're looking for something to collide with your slow hunch. And watch the confusion explode on their faces.


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