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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Inspiration from Random Generators

One of my favorite things to do when bored or when I need a mental jumpstart is to check out random generators. These little online gems can provide hilarious and/or thought-provoking ideas which can produce just the inspiration you need for a project you're working on.

A recent meme I came across was the method for creating your own rock band CD cover. Using the random picture generator on Flickr and the random page generator on Wikipedia, you come up with a picture and title for your very own rock band CD cover. Obviously, you're being presented with copyrighted material, so this is just for fun. However, what comes up can give you the spark you're looking for.

Click here for Wikipedia. In the left hand column you'll see a button for "Random Article."

Click here for Flickr. You'll end up on the "Explore" page. Match any picture with your random article result.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Imagination Muscle, Use it or Lose it.

In a Forbes article here, Carlos Santana, music legend, had this to say about imagination:

Imagination and vision are essential in my music and in the way we conduct our business. Sometimes the mind gets in the way, and we start thinking that we’re this or we’re that or that we’re separated. The way it translates is that you take time to feel your heart. For example, your imagination is like a muscle. If you take the time to just sit down and just close your eyes and imagine things, it’s like a muscle you develop. That’s why it’s good to turn off all the computers, TV and noise and just sit with yourself for a while.

I like the idea of comparing imagination to a muscle. The more you exercise a muscle, the more toned it gets. You want to keep in shape, then you exercise. And you need to keep exercising, because once you stop your muscles atrophy and it gets harder and harder to get them moving again.

And so it is with imagination and creativity. You need to keep using your imagination in whatever ways you can, because when you need it, as in, the boss needs you to come up with a new product idea by Monday, you need the well-toned response.

So take a little time to enjoy doing nothing. Daydream, meditate, cloud-watch, just take the time to use that imagination muscle. Because if you don't use it, you lose it.