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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Challenge: Three Word Days

In the age of Twitter we are asked to keep messages down to 140 characters or less. Web pages are best if they keep information to less than one page. When you're looking for a job or pitching a project you're asked to perfect an "elevator speech" (a ten word summary of your skills or project).

Through the magic of the Internet, I'm able to listen to a radio program out of England. The Radio 2 program host has listeners call in with their "Three Word Tuesdays." In three words only they describe their day.

So we have gems such as "Teenage Daughter Grumpy," "Best Week Ever!," "Housework Still Waiting," and "Crackling Log Fire."

What three word phrase describes your day? Leave them in the comments section.

In my case it is "Blog Post Done."

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